Masked Monster Professor with Pinckney Benedict, Sarah Jilek, and Mandi Jourdan


Four weird writers don disguises to discuss monsters, robots, and the supernatural in their own works, as well as the strange new possibilities for storytelling in social media, virtual reality, and beyond. See the full video, masks-and-all, on YouTube here: (and please subscribe).

Pinckney Benedict is a Full Professor of creative writing and virtual-reality narrative at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. He has written many books, received a multitude of prestigious awards and honors, and can be seen in this episode as, among other things, a murderous hillbilly clown. More about him here:

Sarah Jilek is a writer, teacher, and voice actor, and she recently graduated with an MFA in Fiction from SIUC. She has published in numerous magazines and journals, has voiced and edited numerous podcasts, has a debut novel, St. Catastrophe, forthcoming from SFK Press in August of 2020, and can be seen in this episode as, among other things, a sixteen-eyed mutant.
Sarah Jilek’s podcast Saints & Witches is here:

Mandi Jourdan is an MFA Fiction student at SIUC, holding numerous prestigious academic honors, scholarships, and fellowships. She has over 100 publications, including her novels Lacrimosa, Veritas, and The Silenced as well as the short story collections Shadows of the Mind and Immortal Dissent. She has won audio awards, produced podcasts, videos, and text adventures, and can be seen in this episode as Queen Amidala.
Mandi Jourdan’s Shadows of the Mind is on
Apple Podcasts:
Google Podcasts:
Mandi Jourdan’s Miller Audio Prize Piece is here:
Mandi Jourdan’s Twine game is here:

The Monster Professor: a show in which we discuss and explore monsters in literature, myth, film, games, folklore, culture, and beyond. Podcast host: Josh Woods, author, editor, professor, and monster expert.

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