The Monster Professor: a podcast in which we discuss and explore monsters in literature, myth, film, games, theater, folklore, culture, and beyond!
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“I believe that the area of literary experience that you explore, you honor, you present in your show is so essential to the energy of literature itself. So you’re doing something original, bold, and important.”

—Dana Gioia, former Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts

O Monstrous World! (Press 53, 2019): a book of stories by Josh Woods. Winner of the 2019 International Book Awards for Fiction: Short Story. Also available through the following:
Barnes & Noble

“An engrossing, fanciful collection of stories, written with insight, wisdom, and humor, O Monstrous World! is full of cinematic plot twists and literary miracles. A joy to read from start to finish.”

—Margaret McMullan, author of Where The Angels Lived: One Family’s Story of Loss, Exile, and Return

The Black Palace (Amazon E-book & Paperback, 2018): a novel by Josh Woods. A supernatural thriller in an epic storyworld of gothic horror action-adventure. Also available at other booksellers, such as Barnes & Noble.

“This utterly original novel expertly blends profound supernatural terror, swashbuckling action, honest human emotion, brutal violence, and blunt good humor. The smartest, scariest, and most surprising book I’ve read in ages.”

—Pinckney Benedict, author of Miracle Boy and Other Stories
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