Josh Woods3

The casual bio:

Josh Woods is an author, editor, professor, and podcaster. He loves monsters, myth, storytelling, comedy, combat, and crafts. He teaches in Illinois and hails from Kentucky.


The formal bio:

Josh Woods is author of O Monstrous World! (Press 53, forthcoming 2019) and The Black Palace (Amazon KDP, 2018). He has edited three anthologies of fiction and has published genre and literary short stories in numerous journals, magazines, and collections, in addition to having published creative non-fiction and craft essays. He is the host of The Monster Professor, a podcast that explores the role of monsters in literature, myth, film, folklore, history, and culture (on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and YouTube). His awards include Outstanding Full-Time Faculty Member of the Year, Press 53 Open Awards for Genre Fiction, and multiple nominations for the Pushcart Prize, among others. He is currently an Associate Professor of English in Illinois.

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