Obscure Horror Movie Influences

From Jason in a hockey mask to a recent Ghostbuster, with plenty of weirdness in between, I discuss retro-horror movie influences that are so obscure some of the films’ own directors might not even be fully aware of them. Here is the list of movies discussed:

  • Beetlejuice (1988)
  • Candyman (1992)
  • Friday the 13th Part 3 (1982)
  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021)
  • Halloween 2 (1981)
  • Hellraiser (1987)
  • I, Madman (1989)
  • Killer Party (1986)
  • Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
  • Road Warrior (1981)
  • Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-Rama (1988)
  • Terminator (1984)
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)

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