“He Who Fights with Monsters” (originally published in Surreal South ’11)
Prime Number Magazine
Issue 151, April-June 2019
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“The Alchemist’s Bench”
Poor Yorick: A Journal of Rediscovered Objects
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“In Which Pinckney Benedict, Kermit Moore, and I Go A-Hunting for the Big Muddy Monster”
Prime Number Magazine
Issue 131, April-June 2018
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“A Theory of Game, A Theory of Horror”
Masque & Spectacle: An Arts & Literary Journal
December Issue, 2017
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Germ Magazine
February Issue, 2017
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“There Are More Things”
Surreal South ’13
Press 53, 2013

“Metaphor as Fuel”
HeART: A Quarterly Arts Magazine from the Heart of Illinois
Summer/Fall Issue, 2013
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“New Days of the Wolf” (originally published in Black and Grey Magazine)
The Nevada Review
Vol. 5, Spring, No. 1, 2013

“The Lawgiver”
Apocalypse Now: Poems and Prose from the End of Days
Upper Rubber Boot Books, 2012

“New Days of the Wolf”
Black and Grey Magazine
August, 2012

“He Who Fights with Monsters”
Surreal South ’11
Press 53, 2011

“Blackbeard Visits Seven Weeks”
The Book of Villains
Main Street Rag, 2011

“Excerpt from All Hell
Surreal South ’09
Press 53, 2009

“Small Dead Monkey”
XX Eccentric Women: Stories About the Eccentricities of Women
Main Street Rag, 2009

“Jesus VS. Thor”
The Versus Anthology
Press 53, 2009

“The Exorcise Machine”
Press 53 Open Awards Anthology
Press 53, 2008

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