Episode 39: Conversation with Will Holcomb


I talk with Will Holcomb about the monster concept, design, and ethos peculiar to Dungeons & Dragons, such as with the iconic beholder, as well as some of the RPG-monsters he has designed.

Will Holcomb, also known as O. Hybridity, is the author of Shop Talk (as seen in Daily Science Fiction) and Teratoscope, a serial, digitally-published bestiary in the creative commons. He is also a freelance editor, most notably for the Seven Seas release of the original Toradora light novels. He was born in Kirksville, MO in the summer of 1994, spent the summers of his youth at the Shared Worlds camp for creative writers (where he studied under Ann and Jeff Vandermeer, John Bishop, Will Hindmarch, and Minister Faust), completed the Truman State University BFA in Creative Writing, and is concluding the MFA Fiction program at SIUC. His national bird is the lammergeier, and his primary exports are rare earth elements and conspiracies against rational paradigms. Find out more about his work at https://teratoscope.tumblr.com/ as well at https://ohybridity.itch.io/; his Daily Science Fiction at https://dailysciencefiction.com/science-fiction/biotech/o-hybridity/shop-talk_1; and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ShillSphinx.

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